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Each year since 2011 , we've proudly realized the deals with China worthy of 20,000,000+USD!

    Integrity & Pioneer Ltd. is by namely a company holds “Integrity” and “Pioneer” as its core values and spirits, provides China market entry advice and services to those international businesses who have the vision, by means of market research, business development, market campaign, Internet promotion, exhibition/offline showcase, project cooperation, investment, etc.

    Our competence is derived from the surviving experience in China market by the founder, Mr. William Zhao himself, having led 16 people to win the IT system integration service contract from China Mobile for connecting with its business clients, for 5 years in a row. And William was not kicked out of the business but transferred to his team fellows then he could start his own business advisory company, known as Integrity & Pioneer Ltd.

    So he has realized successful business as a leader before, then he was willing to assist and advise more people to win, and now we have succeeded doing that since 2011!

    Working with local market players in China from small to medium and giant sizes as well as multiple international companies who have tried to enter the market, both successfully or failed, which develops our comprehensive understanding of the market environment. We would help you by language service(translation/interpretation), connection setup, meeting organizing, contract negotiation, attending trade shows, public relations, investment advisory, government communication, policy analysis, and other client specified methods.

    Our company is based in Beijing, China, and available for on-site service all around the country as per your needs. And we have no limit of the industry we can work with you, instead we are ready to expand into your industry for seeking opportunities for you in China.

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